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Free Printable Certificates Step 3

Personalize Your Printable Certificates

This step will allow you to add your custom information to your printable certificates.

As you probably have noticed, this page has opened in a new box or tab. Although there are links on this page to access our site, after you add your personalization and click the "Personalize and Proceed to the Printable Page" link below, there will be no links back to our site. You must either click the back button on your browser or close or minimize the box to return to our site.

Please Follow The Instructions Below To Add Your Personalization
To Your Free Printable Certificates

Shown below is a photo of the certificate style which you chose. The areas in the gray boxes can be changed and below the photo are some text boxes. Insert your information into the text boxes which correspond with the gray areas in the sample graphic of your chosen printable certificate. Each text box holds only one line of type.

Quick Tip:
If your type does not appear the way you prefer on the printable page, just
click your browser's "back" button and try changing the number of characters
per line or try using less information. Also any text box can be left blank.


Text Area #1:
("presented to", or "this award is for", etc.)

Text Area #2:
(The name of the person who is receiving the certificate)

Text Area #3:
(The subject of the certificate)

Text Area #4:
(Who the certificate is from, the date or any other information you would like to add)

Click the button below to add your personalization
and proceed to the printable page.


When you have completed your personalization, please click the link above to create a printable page with all of your choices and personalization added. If you need to make any changes, just use the "back" arrow on your browser.

If the printable page has page numbers, file names or any other text other than your personalization, you will need to turn off your headers and footers. This can be done either by selecting on your browser menu "file" then "print preview" or by selecting "file" then "page setup" depending on which browser you are using.

If you need printing instructions, please click any "Printing Tips" link.

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